mountain mural + IKEA


Actually, when I saw this room, I wanted to change my daughter's room againThis coral mountain mural has stolen my heart!! Actually is very easy to recreate it by yourself.Get some ideas of how to DIY  here  . 

 color for the wall  winterwhite
color for the mountain  duskpink
by Benjamin Moore

If you do not have time or skills, I found a similar sticker mountain on Etsy
from TheLovelyWall

photo via

 If you don't have time or skills, I found a similar mountain mural ,on Etsy
by  TheLovelyWall

There are two more options :

for a boy

for neutral look

*Don't forget to replace pink accessories

Visit also her site for extra inspiration !!

If you like this nursery/room for your little one ,combine the mural above with ikea furniture-accessories and get a very impresive result close to the original image .Spend less than 600€ or $650 and it's yours!Hope you like it too!!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need some extra help!

haPPy  DECORating!!!

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